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Geothermal Heating and Cooling
Offers Many Advantages Over
Traditional Fossil Fuel Systems

One Piece of Equipment

Cleaner install, less room needed, no outdoor unit.

Available Energy Source

No dependency on delivery trucks, independence of rising costs. Natural gas is not always available, no need for storage, no unsightly tanks, no noxious fumes, no bad odors.

One System for Both Heating & Cooling

Less equipment, efficient operation easier service.

Clean Operation

No chimney, no flame, no combustion, no CO2. The system actually conditions the air in the home.

Smart Economics

Fossil fuel reserves and transmission is getting costly, must add all costs associated with operation of fossil fuels, can not get more out than what you put in with fossil fuels, sustainable energy grants available in many areas, ROI can be figured with GHSPS.


The safety of an ECONAR heat pump cannot be matched by a conventional heating system The process of creating heat involves a flame which creates carbon. Carbon is dangerous and can lead to safety issues.


ECONAR designs for the cold weather, smooth constant operation, no blasts of heat, temperature variations of 1-2 degrees, and no scorched air!

Comfort is very important when choosing a HVAC system. A conventional system will heat or cool a home with blast of cool or warm air until the thermostat reaches the desired temperature. The system then shuts down waiting for the thermostat to call for heat or cooling when structure’s temperature has drastically changed. This situation creates extreme fluctuations in temperature.

ECONAR heat pumps have multiple stages of operation rather than just on or off, which allow the geothermal sytem to heat or cool the structure more consistently. When there is a change in the demand the heat pump will go into the second stage to meet the demand faster. By using two stages, ECONAR heat pumps not only create a more comfortable living environment, but they are more economical to run as well.

Overall Lower Costs

Installation can be more costly for a heat pump but the return on investment is much quicker, and the space needed for a heat pump is much less as well. But operating costs is where the customer saves the most money.

An ECONAR heat pump can achieve performances of up to 500%. What that means is that the coefficient of performance or C.O.P. is 5 times that of electric resistance. For every one BTU of electricity used, an ECONAR heat pump creates five BTUs. Conventional combustion systems don’t even achieve 100% efficiency.

To sum it up, an ECONAR heat pump may have a higher initial cost, about twice that of a conventional system, but it saves money in the long term. Plus, the user gains peace of mind knowing that this system is safe, environmentally sound, and is rated higher for comfort and satisfaction than all others…not to mention the increased resale value!


Types of Systems

There are two basic types of heating systems: those that require a flame to operate and those that do not.

Most systems installed today create heat by means of combustion. These systems are burn fossil fuels such as oil, liquid propane, natural gas or wood.

Combustion heating systems are not only dangerous because they use a flame but they also emit carbon which is detrimental to our environment.

Heat pumps operate by transferring heat, not creating it. By this process ECONAR heat pumps can move heat from the ground to the house or business as well as remove heat from the house or business and move it back into the ground thus cooling the structure. This process can also produce domestic hot water as a by product; that means free hot water! This performance can not be matched by a conventional system.


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