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ECONAR has been producing geothermal heat pumps in Minnesota for over two decades. Minnesota’s cold winter climate has driven the design of ECONAR’s heating and cooling equipment to what is known as a “ColdClimate” geothermal heat pump. This cold climate technology focuses on maximizing the energy savings available in heating-dominated regions like New England without sacrificing comfort, thus making ECONAR the leader in cold climate heat pump technology and North America’s only ColdClimate™ heat pump manufacturer. Extremely efficient cooling, dehumidification and optional domestic hot water heating are also provided in one neatly packaged system.
All of ECONAR’s products are safety certified and its heat pumps are performance certified by internationally recognized third-party testing laboratories. ECONAR’s personnel hold numerous certifications in the geothermal industry, and provide training throughout North America.


ECONAR’s commitment to quality is written on the side of every heat pump they build. Throughout the building process, the technicians that build each unit sign their names to the quality assurance label after completing their inspections. As a final quality test, every unit goes through a full run test where the performance and operation is verified in both the heating and cooling modes. No other manufacturer goes as far as to run a full performance check under full load to assure system quality.

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