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Geothermal energy is renewable, sustainable, constant and essentially an inexhaustible energy source. Geothermal technology uses the heat that has been radiating from our Earth’s core for billions of years, and will—we can reasonably expect—continue for billions more. There is no safer, cleaner, or greener way to heat or cool your home or office and it’s one of the least expensive, most cost-effective options available to you today.

While it does require a modest amount of electric power to run (about $600-$800 per year for the average home), a geothermal energy system itself generates no carbon emissions or pollutants, requires no transportation of fuel, and occupies minimal land space. With no direct use of fossil fuels and limited indirect use, your geothermal system will contribute to the health of our climate, our ecosystems, and our people for many years to come.

What other sources of energy can make these claims?

Helping to Make the World a Better Place

Rainbow Pool from Black Sand Basin in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA. The vibrant colors were caused by the unique geothermal bacteria. The photo was taken during a snowstorm.

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